Devoted to Investments in Multifamily Apartments

The Beach Company has the experience and talent to successfully guide our investments to positive results for investors, tenants and the community.

Investment Experience

Beach Real Estate Funds has expertise in all facets of real estate. With more than 75 years of experience and long tenured investment personnel at both BREF and The Beach Company, the BREF team has the experience to achieve positive results for investors, tenants and the community.

Multifamily success

National household trends should continue to favor apartment living over single-family homeownership. With the cost of renting remaining less expensive than the cost of owning and household formations outpacing the new supply for all forms of housing, the demand for apartments through the first quarter of 2022 has reached historic highs and this trend is expected to continue for many years. Compared to other real estate types, multifamily provides:

Greater cash
flow stability

Better hedge against inflation

Adaptability to meet changing market conditions

track record

Multifamily properties have benefited directly from the recent phenomenal economic growth in the Southeast.

The Southeast outperforms all other U.S. regions in terms of population, job, and wage growth

Lack of rent controls and political limitations in many of the Southeastern markets allow for BREF’s properties to achieve increased rents from their value-add improvements

The Southeast has proven to be a preferred area for multifamily investment, continually outperforming other asset classes

Most secondary and tertiary markets in the Southeast are particularly well-poised for continued wage growth

Rent and NOI growth in many of the Southeastern markets have recently outperformed the United States markets as a whole

The temperate climate, lower taxes and job creation attracts significant in-migration—the Southeast is the fastest-growing region of the U.S.

Companies and people are constantly moving into the region providing strong and lasting positive economic benefits

Existing property value